Google has pushed the boundaries of search technology with the introduction of its new Search Generative Experience (GSE). While it is still in the testing phase and currently only available to a select group of users and in the USA only, the potential of GSE to transform the search experience is already evident. In this blog post, we will try to explore some early findings from GSE and discuss the possibilities and dangers it might bring to the world of SEO.


Lots of SEO people speculated that Google would stay away from answering “Your Money, Your Life” (YMYL) related questions. Results for different queries show that Google isn’t shy about answering YMYL-related questions. Below you can see an example of the result for the query ‘mortgage rate’. This means that also for these times in the near future, we might see an impact on traffic going to YMYL-related websites. As Google tries to answer itself instead of referring to websites that might increase no-click searches. All with a grain of salt since we are just in the testing phase.


One feature we love about GSE is that it goes beyond traditional search results by advising organically listed products when users employ transactional keywords. This presents an exciting opportunity for e-commerce businesses to reach their target audience more effectively. By seamlessly integrating relevant product listings into search results, GSE opens up new avenues for businesses to showcase their offerings and potentially drive high-quality traffic.


Informational queries on GSE offer a rich browsing experience. On desktop, users will find three links to relevant sources displayed on the side, while on mobile, these sources are positioned below the GSE block. This visual presentation aims to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the topic they are exploring. The introduction of these contextual links raises intriguing questions about the potential click-through rates and engagement levels they might generate, making it an area worth monitoring closely. The CTR’s of this blocks will be monitored closely.


GSE frequently refers to Google business profiles, further emphasizing the significance of maintaining an up-to-date and accurate online presence for businesses. With GSE potentially relying more heavily on business profiles, it becomes increasingly vital for companies to claim and optimize their profiles. This offers an opportunity for businesses to enhance their visibility and attract more customers through the Google search ecosystem.


GSE’s user interface introduces a visual distinction among different types of questions by assigning them different background colors. This aesthetic enhancement adds an element of novelty to the search experience and aids users in quickly identifying the nature of the search result. By incorporating these visual cues, GSE aims to streamline and personalize the search process, creating a more engaging and intuitive environment for users.


Google’s Search Generative Experience is poised to revolutionize the way we search for information online. By answering YMYL queries, presenting organic product listings, enhancing informational queries, amplifying Google business profiles, and incorporating visual differentiation, GSE promises a more comprehensive, engaging, and user-centric search experience. While it may still be in its early stages, the potential of GSE is undoubtedly intriguing, and we eagerly anticipate its full-scale release to users worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development from Google.