Do you want to successfully expand your business in Italy or improve your rankings? Working on your online authority in the Italian market gives you this great opportunity! Together with our team of Italian online marketers, we can help you with quality link building in Italy. Let’s boost your website rankings as well as organic traffic in Italian search engines!

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With 24% expected growth and 48 billion euros in revenue by 2023 (source: ecommercedb.com), Italy is the world’s 11th largest eCommerce market, ahead of Brazil. With a population of almost 60 million, Italy is between Spain (47 million) and France (68 million), the main southern European online markets. The Italian e-commerce market is therefore growing at a fast pace. Compared to Northern Europe, local online competition in Italy is at a relatively low level. Which is a big positive! Because this means there are great opportunities for international companies with online expansion ambitions.

Over the past 10 years, Seoone has become the leading link building agency for international companies in the Italian market. Italy is one of our home markets for our link building services, offering a wide range of content categories, and high volume and quality link building options. By having over 5,000 publisher contacts, we can offer relevant websites for all niches and for all types of quality requirements. With deep experience in helping clients achieve top rankings in Italian search engines, our Italian SEO experts, who work from our Seoone Southern Europe office in Barcelona, have a wealth of experience. As Italian consumers have their own language and culture, we can help you apply a local online strategy for Italy.


A personalized link-building strategy is key to improving brand awareness, customer loyalty, and conversions in the Italian online market. This is because this strategy must take into account the cultural differences and language subtleties of the Italian audience. To be able to do this, we usually conduct an Italian keyword analysis in the initial phase to identify the most suitable keywords for the Italian market and for your audience in Italy. Such an analysis provides insight into the potential and competition within your industry. In addition, we take into account aspects such as competitor link profiles and current rankings.

Using this preliminary analysis, we will prepare a customized plan to increase positions and a number of relevant organic visitors from Italy. Off-site SEO, especially backlinks, is crucial to improving a website’s position in search results. Therefore, building high-quality links to your website is essential and an ongoing process. By executing a good strategy, you can progressively improve your website’s traffic and increase your rankings in Italian search engines and grow organic traffic. This will provide a solid foundation for healthy online growth in Italy!


At Seoone, we always focus on qualitative and natural link building. In fact, as a specialized Italian link building agency, we have a proven track record of obtaining top positions in Italian search engines for our clients. Here, we work for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinationals. Our team carefully monitors Google’s algorithm updates and ensures that every link we build contains a healthy mix of keywords and relevant anchor text.
Because we operate with native Italian speakers, we ensure informative and engaging content that is well-adapted to Italian cultural differences. This allows us to work on a natural link profile tailored to the Italian market, with Italian domains with traffic and visibility in Italy. To select the right domains, we use high-quality tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Majestic and many others.

Italian domains do not necessarily mean TDL .it, as Italy has many .com domains, which are part of a natural link profile. Some other typical features of the Italian link building landscape are the reasonably high amount of high authority local and regional news media, which usually work well to increase local authority for your website. Niche-based blogs usually have less traffic and authority than the more generic/news websites, of course with some great exceptions as we offer over 5,000 Italian publishers. Usually, Italian blogs have quite a few banners and popups, but on the other hand, the writers often have a journalistic background, ensuring high-quality content.


For more than 10 years, Seoone has been active in Italy, and we build hundreds of Italian links every month. As part of this, we have built strong partnerships with thousands of Italian bloggers, media, and news websites. Since finding relevant websites and communicating with them in Italian can be quite difficult for international companies, or companies without their own link building experts, many companies have chosen Seoone over the years. Via our network of direct contacts and due to our volume, we can definitely help you make your Italian link building more efficient, both in terms of speed and price. Armed with our local expertise and native writers, you can be sure that your brand will connect with the right audience and achieve better results in Italian search engines.


With our local team of Italian SEO experts, we also offer support to other agencies. We can either work white label for your clients, or we can operate as strategic and executive local partners in the Italian market. This allows you to offer added value to your clients, using our network and Italian native marketing experts. Seoone have long-term partnerships with dozens of agencies in the Italian market and in the other international markets where we are active. Contact us to hear more about our link building services for agencies!


Apart from link building, Seoone offers multi-language online marketing support to our clients. For organic positioning, our native team can help you with onsite SEO in Italy as well. Therefore, as an official Google partner, we can also help you with Paid Search in Italy, like Google Ads. For this reason, we make sure you can reach maximum visibility and traffic on your Italian website, of course, focused on relevance. Because more visibility means increased traffic and a better chance of attracting new customers as well as revenue


Southern European office with Italian marketers

Seoone Southern Europe, which is located in Barcelona, has a dedicated team of Italian online marketing experts to work on helping you achieve visibility and relevant traffic to make the most of the Italian market. On top of that, we can help you with many other markets too!


10+ years of experience in link building and SEO

Seoone is a highly specialized search agency. We operate in many markets and sectors for all kinds of companies. In fact, our global 140+ team is experienced in onsite SEO, technical SEO, and offsite SEO. Let us help you achieve top organic positions in Italy!


Direct contact with Italian journalists and bloggers

Many years of outreach and collaboration in Italy have allowed us to build an extensive catalog of websites and webmasters, so we can help you achieve relevant high-quality links without hassle.


Italian Digital PR Campaigns

Digital PR is a wonderful way to get high-level unique backlinks in addition to guest posts. Seoone have a large database of thousands of Italian journalists and in-house native Italian writers who can write impactful press releases for your target audience, often resulting in high visibility and high-quality backlinks.


Flexible and transparent way of working

Here at Seoone, we believe in our added value and the hundreds of clients who have stayed with us for years prove it. We offer a very transparent and flexible way of working, according to your needs, without compulsory long-term contracts. Try it out for yourself!


Global team with international focus

Seoone operates uniquely with local offices and local teams in key online markets. This means we can help clients roll out in many countries, with one way of working. Both for organic and paid search!

Link Building Italy


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