How we realised 50% traffic growth in the Dutch and German market for SealSupply

In June of 2018, online wholesaler Sealsupply entered into a partnership with Seoone. Sealsupply is a supplier of all types of technical seals for customers in the industry and technical trade. Their goal? Drastically increase their online traffic for the Dutch and the German market. Curious to know how we’ve realized this for them? Read on!


General info

Duration8 Months
DisciplinesLink Buldings

Key Insights



When h2oPro approached us, they shared their ambitions for their webpage, which needed an extra push to achieve better rankings and strengthen their online presence and overall website authority. Although their dedicated team members had done an excellent job ensuring strong on-page optimization, they believed building backlinks would be the missing piece to move them forward. By developing a customized strategy, we took on the challenge of improving H2oPro’s online presence within a limited budget. Our goal was to obtain relevant and authoritative backlinks, increase organic traffic, and position H2oPro as a trusted leader in the market. And guess what? We achieved our goal with success and we will show you how!


With this goal in mind, we began with a thorough assessment of their website, to identify areas of improvement. This process provided us with a comprehensive understanding of their present situation, enabling us to tailor our strategy accordingly. Armed with a clear vision, we curated a personalized link building package that catered specifically to their industry and competitive landscape. This project stood out, because of the remarkable speed at which we achieved the first results. The project surpassed initial expectations, and the website swiftly gained traction and ascended in search engine rankings, because it focused on those hidden gems – keywords with little competition, but relatively high traffic numbers – that could give H2oPro a competitive edge. But, there was another crucial aspect that demanded our attention! We understood the immense importance of aligning landing pages with the search intentions of users. That’s why we provided expert advice to H2oPro, on creating landing pages that would truly resonate with their audience and perfectly match their intent. By delving into user behavior and industry trends, we guided H2oPro in crafting landing pages that perfectly matched their customers’ needs and desires throughout the customer journey. This personalized approach was all about enhancing user experience, driving higher engagement, and ultimately converting visitors into loyal customers. But here’s the exciting part: our ultimate goal was to skyrocket H2oPro’s visibility in the search results! We weren’t just satisfied with decent rankings; we aimed to crush the competition and place H2oPro right at the top. How did we plan on achieving this ambitious goal? By thoughtfully executing the link building strategy and implementing targeted keyword optimization, our aim was to enhance H2oPro’s visibility and surpass their competitors. Through securing top positions, our goal was to establish H2oPro as the preferred choice for customers seeking ceramic water-softening solutions.


Now, let’s take a look at some tangible results! By working closely together and sticking to a solid plan, we’ve been able to achieve some really impressive things in a very short space of time. 8 month project progress snapshot of Imagine this: we’ve managed to get into the top three positions on Google when people search for important terms like “salt free water softeners” and “water softeners without draining”. This is a big deal, because it means that lots of people are naturally visiting our website, thanks to the smart choices we have made about the words we use on the H2oPro site. But wait, there’s more! Here are some of the key achievements we’re proud of:
  • We achieved an organic impression growth of 72%
  • We realized a referring domain increase of 396%
  • All of which resulted in 4 new top 1 positions in a very short timeframe