Are you ready to level up your business and improve your organic traffic and Google’s rankings? Are you curious about link building and the potential it has for your business? Then you may be interested in outsourcing your link building plans to a trusted agency with a proven successful track record of high quality backlinks. Seoone, is that agency. We have over 10 years of experience across 5 continents in link building and SEO for over 700 clients. With Seoone, you get a world class team determined to help you improve your business potential.

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    PR Campaigns

    Digital PR is a tool that combines creativity, strategy and content. For your PR campaign, you’ll need to focus on a relevant, interesting and captivating topic that will attract media attention and coverage. This is the key! At Seoone, we believe every business has something interesting to say; however, not every business has the right tools to share this message. That is where we come in. We know the media landscape and we know what you need to say and more importantly, how you need to say it to get as many eyes on it as possible. It is a matter of a catchy angle, good data, a compelling story and the right media list. For this, we use the following five steps in our PR strategy for the best outcome for our clients.

    Seoone’s PR Strategy:

    1. Creating news value

    It is important to stand out! Journalists receive hundreds of emails every day. Your message needs to be interesting enough to stand out from the crowd, peaking their interest and that of their audience. So we come up with strong angles that the media cannot ignore.

    2. Collecting data

    As a business you might be sitting on a treasure trove of data and information that can be turned into something interesting and shareable. We can turn internal data into an interesting news event or use external databases or data from agencies to generate news.

    3. Writing the press release

    The purpose of a press release is to inform readers, not to advertise. So your press release needs to be objective and informative. Our team of copywriters will help craft a compelling message for journalists and media personnel.

    4. Reach out to the right media outlets

    It’s all well and good having a strong press release but if you send it to the wrong platform, you are not getting the most out of your work. We have access to a database of tens of thousands of journalists and media personnel so we can make sure that your message gets to the right people.

    5. Report and evaluate

    The results of a PR strategy are unpredictable but tracking and evaluating any SEO strategy is the best way to learn and adapt. The most common way to measure PR is by tracking the number of online publications. This varies and can include shares on social media, mentions on more traditional media sources like the radio or an online publication with a link included. We monitor the press release and the results it yields. We then evaluate the process with you, discussing the positives, negatives and the points of improvements for future projects.

    Read more about our Digital PR strategies


    Mass linking

    In other cases, a different approach to link building is needed. For new and upcoming domains, it is important to develop and bolster the backlink history. New businesses may have a limited backlink history and bolstering it will improve in the search engines and remain competitive. Here is where mass link building comes in. We suggests mass link building when the number of backlinks required to strengthen your domain is so much that relying solely on high-quality blogs or PR strategy will not be sufficient. With this strategy, we target pages like portals and directories to link to your domain. By doing so, we are able to create a stronger link profile for your domain much quicker. Together with our clients, we determine which link building strategy works best before moving forward.


    High-quality blogs & magazines

    High-quality websites and domains are highly regarded by Google search engines so it should be your goal to be regarded by Google as a high-quality domain. You can do this by making sure that your website has a high level of Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). Our copywriters are experts in producing SEO centric unique high quality content and our link building experts know where to publish these high-quality content and blog posts using our extensive network of publishers. By focusing on obtaining high-quality blogs with links to your website, you are investing in the long term health of your website while generating more traffic and visitors to your website. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to choose all the relevant platforms depending on your industry or sector. We are in this together.


    Tiered link building

    Although this is a lesser known way of link building, tiered link building is an effective link building strategy. With tiered link building, we create backlinks for your backlinks and in doing so we make sure that your link profile is strong. We also focus on creating quality content and domain authority. Some links are more powerful than others and with tiered link building, we make sure that you are getting the most out of your most powerful backlinks. Tiered link building is a great choice for new and upcoming domains that are looking to build up a link profile. You can trust that here at Seoone, we will help you in finding the right link building service for you and your business.


    Outreach link building service

    A lot of companies struggle with the outreach element of their link building strategy. Often, this comes down to the fact that they do not have access to the right network or simply do not have the adequate amount of time needed to conduct proper outreach. We will gladly take this off your hands, reaching out to the appropriate contacts and networks for your business. We will reach out to local, national and international media personnel for high quality content and links. Our team of SEO experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimize your outreach and the impact of the incoming links.


    To set up the perfect SEO link building strategy, with high-quality backlinks, you’ll need to put together a well thought out plan of action using the most reasonable methods applicable to you and your business. We can help you at every step along the way to build the right link building plan strategy for your website. To do this, we follow the following four steps.


    Keyword research & Targeting most important keywords

    Keyword research is one of the most important first steps in any good link building strategy. By targeting the relevant keywords for our clients, we ensure that you are getting the most out of your link building efforts. During our keyword research, we look into:

    • Keyword intent
    • Keyword search volume
    • Landing pages

    Based on the analysis of this research, we are then able to advise our clients on their strategy in order to gain the most from your investment. After we are By taking into account the results of the keyword research we decide what the most rewarding possibilities are and we can start with the next phase of the link building process: data analysis of the backlink profile.


    Link building analysis of backlink profile

    We know it is important to base your action plan on well informed data. Using a collection of SEO-tools, we carry out an in depth analysis of the backlink profile of your website paying close attention to:

    • Domain authority
    • The number of referring domains
    • The quality of incoming backlinks (measured through different metrics)
    • Competitor analysis
    • Anchor text ratio
    • TLD-ratio

    After analyzing and researching, we are ready to move onto the next step: outreach.


    Outreach & Backlinks

    Now based on our research from the previous steps, we will reach out to relevant platforms, through our database and network of journalists to place content written by our team of copywriters with links to your website. In doing this, we make sure that our clients have access to high quality backlinks.


    Reporting & Evaluation

    Transparency is key when it comes to successful link building. We believe in championing transparency in our link building services. So we report and evaluate all backlinks together with our clients to make sure you are satisfied with the platform and the content before they are executed. We schedule regular (digital) meetings with our clients and link building consultants to keep track of the link building strategy and to make any relevant adjustments and alterations as necessary.


    There are several reasons why you might choose to outsource your link building services to Seoone. Below we list the most important ones:

    • You keep control and insight in the process
    • Relatively low costs
    • Keeping up with your competition in the field
    • Staying up-to-date
    • Increasing your website traffic
    • Available knowledge and skills of our experts
    • Advise on the quality of content & your website as a whole
    • 53% of users click on organic search results
    • Results on the first page of Google receive 92% of all search traffic
    Link Building Services


    Our goal at Seoone is to make a difference in the world of SEO and we pride ourselves on the services we provide
    for our clients’ link building services. We guarantee our clients reliability, transparency, flexible terms and most
    importantly high quality backlinks.


    Reliable & transparent

    Link building with Seoone means you have a partner to walk with you in your link building efforts. We believe working as partners is the most efficient way to a successful outcome rather than swooping in and taking complete control of our clients link building activities. That is why we ensure to stay in regular contact with our clients providing a monthly report with results and insights for our clients to make informed decisions.


    Flexible terms

    With Seoone, you are not locked into a year-long contract which means you are free to cancel after the initial three months of your contract, and monthly after those have flown by. We believe in our work and the results but we believe in giving our clients the freedom to choose.


    High quality Backlinking

    We have built an extensive network of over 55,000 websites and with our experienced content creators we have the ability to publish a lot of high quality blogs to acquire as many high quality backlinks as possible.


    In e-commerce, all customer journeys start online so whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can benefit from a structured and well thought out link building strategy. Luckily, at Seoone, we have it all covered. We acquire backlinks for your website on a category level and on a page level. Our link building consultants are ready to help you every step along the way to determine what strategies are best for your business.


    SEO-oriented companies are increasingly deciding to outsource their digital marketing plans to agencies and companies with experts that specialize in these services. Seoone is one of these agencies that specializes in international digital marketing and link building for SEO companies. Where we stand out is that we work with all our clients in a strategic partnership to formulate a well rounded SEO strategy not limited to link building.

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