European link building may sound a bit old fashioned to you, but even in 2022 your position in search engines like Google depends for 30% on backlinks to your website. Seoone has years of experience in just that: creating backlinks with power and authority.

As stated, with our meticulous linking process we build real authority for your website or platform. By using extended PR campaigns and our broad publisher network, we can get high authority backlinks in every country in Europe. This European linkbuilding strategy greatly improves your SEO rankings. By placing your content on high quality websites and blogs we generate a radiance of quality that easily reaches your target audience, right where they are browsing on a daily basis.


Every challenge requires a unique strategy, we’d love to hear about yours!


    PR campaigns

    The links with the highest authority come from news websites. The only way to get your content on these types of websites, is creating relevant, news worthy content. So we make use of subjects that are very popular at that moment in time and we respond to them by developing fitting content. We call this technique ‘newsjacking’.

    For example: in the Netherlands we took the Champions League victories of Ajax Amsterdam and linked those to their online success. Subsequently we wrote an article around that topic and sent it to media outlets all over the country. The story was picked up and thus we generated a lot of media value, traffic and authority.


    High quality blogs and magazines

    Over the years Seoone has built an extensive European linkbuilding publisher network. Which means we can get placements on high quality blogs throughout the entirety of Europe, in almost every field you can think of. We don’t take this partner selection lightly either. We handpick every blog or platform not only on the basis of traffic, but authority as well. Our experience tells us that Google prefers links from sites with a lot of traffic and most of the time this pays off with a big traffic increase.



    To support different landing pages or categories, we often use lesser linking pages like portals and directories. This is a necessary step in some processes, as some URLs just need support from too many backlinks to get their rankings up. Sometimes that number is simply too high to achieve through high quality linkages like PR and quality content production.


    Reporting and service

    Seoone reports back on placed backlinks on a monthly basis. We also keep an open line with the publishers and to prevent the deletion of our links our software constantly monitors the backlinks as well. We use custom software to track the individual ranking of keywords we are targeting for in different European countries. Of course every client gets access to their own dashboard, so they can keep track of their own progress.