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Good days start with good coffee. We all know that perfect feeling of drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a moment of happiness and gratitude. Drinking a good cup of coffee is the start of experiencing a wonderful day in which you are unstoppable. Once we discovered the perfect cup of coffee from koffievoordeel.nl, we wanted to let many more people enjoy their delicious coffee! Koffievoordeel.nl is a part of e-Luscious. A fast-growing e-commerce organization in the wine, coffee, and, more recently, pet food industry. A strong SEO position is necessary to achieve more authority, because there is strong competition in the market, this promised to be a huge undertaking. Wondering how we realized the goals? Read on!
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International achievements for Just Carpets: an increase of 25% in organic visitors in The Netherlands and Germany

Just Carpets is a company active in the market for car and trunk mats since 2009. Over the years, the company has evolved to become a leading international player that delivers thousands of car mats every month. What makes them ‘the exceptional high-quality brand’ in their market? They make sure their customers get more than expected. The car mats are 100% tailor-made based on brand, model, and year of construction of the car. Secondly, they can supply mats for every car brand and model. Lastly, they can deliver on their promise of top quality for a fair price with speedy delivery! To realize the perfect scenario of increased growth in the international market, they decided to work together with Seoone. Together we made it happen to increase the number of clicks by 21% and a top 3 ranking for 42 keywords in the organic search engine. Want to know how this project succeeded? Read on!
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