The link spam update aims to neutralize links that go against the Google guidelines and Google deem to be ‘spammy’. neutralize Google announced the new updates were aimed at neutralizing spammy links meaning any credit or link value gained from these spammy links will be lost.. This update reinforced the importance of high-quality links. Buying backlinks on platforms like Fiverhas posed some risk for a while already but now they pose an even greater risk to your website. In this blog, We are going to guide you through how to approach link building and obtaining links that benefit your website. We cover all the areas which you should know before you start buying backlinks. Let’s get into it!


The first thing you need to do is analyze if buying backlinks is the right investment for your company. If you’re doing business on the internet, creating backlinks is a crucial part of making sure your audience will see your products/services. If your webpage doesn’t have high rankings within Google, boosting your authority through high-quality backlink profile can be a key factor.
While investing in high-quality backlinks, the power of backlinks can be underestimated, but the same time, many people also have high expectations in a short amount of time which is not always possible to realize. The results you see in a time frame are dependent on a number of factors. But if you are willing to make investments and have patience, you will definitely be rewarded!
One of the main reasons for buying backlinks is to make sure your web page ranks higher than your competitors on search engines. The first page on any search term is the goal, the second page is not an option! More than 75% of people will only look at the results of the first page, therefore, the search results that appear on page two and three are irrelevant. If you want to be successful, page two or three is not an option. More than 75% of the people will only see the first page three positions on Google. Therefore, it’s very important to have a great position on the first page.
Another thing you should keep in mind about buying backlinks, or hiring an agency, is your budget. Placing quality backlinks and seeing their results need time, patience, and financial investments.


Well, you have made it this far. Well done! We will now take you through some of the most important things to look out for when buying backlinks. This is regardless of whether you are looking to take on the link building efforts yourself or outsource it to a marketing agency. The DA score of a website is an important metric to consider. The higher the better but remember that it can also be manipulated. So it is key to also check the traffic of these domains ,while considering domains with backlinks a minimum of ± a thousand visitors per month to be sure you are doing a quality deal.

Backlinks to avoid

  • Backlinks from dubious or spammy looking websites.
  • A blog network that is only set up for selling backlinks.
  • Low-quality profiles.
  • Press releases that don’t add value to visitors.
  • Discussion forum links.
  • Backlinks from websites without valuable content.
  • Backlinks which are not relevant to your website/niche
  • Websites with dangerous/forbidden content or negative impact on
  • people’s health, safety, happiness, or financial stability.
  • Spam links in other languages.

Yes, it can be difficult It still can be difficult to control everything and find domains that tick every box however, by keeping these things in mind you can avoid being penalized by the search engines to do the quality when buying backlinks, but there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid getting penalized by Google. It can be difficult, especially when starting out to stay away from the lowest rated domains but ensure that your backlink profile is not full of them. ’s sometimes challenging to stay away from those links, and at some point, you cannot always avoid them all, when growing your business. But you can be aware of links that you’ll need to avoid as much as possible.

How to stop bad links

In your backlink analysis, you may have come across some bad links which may have a negative impact on your SEO and link building progress. You can contact the website owners to remove these links but you can also disavow the links or the domain. You can do this with the Google disavow tool. Spammy backlinks

In the simplest terms, spammy links are a no-go! These are inbound links from low-quality spammy websites, generally with a poor DA. These domains will generally not add any value to your website, and it is highly unlikely that they are relevant to your business and There are three types of spammy backlinks you can detect:

Adult links for example, links that contain pornographic content or poker
Links from other languages are not relevant to your business or the countries you operate in.
Link from directories which you have no connection with.

For more information, you can check out our blog about Spammy backlinks to get more detailed information about how you can deal with them.

Broken links

Broken links are links that do not work, you can recognize them by seeing a 404 error. These aren’t necessarily bad links, however, they do not work in your favor because they can negatively impact your domain and traffic. You want to make sure you can fix these URLs, to prevent visitors from leaving your website. The crawler will associate 404 errors with a bad signal, this will influence your crawl budget and the quality of your page. You should remove, redirect or update any broken link you come across on your website.
The main reasons for 404 error pages are:

The owner of the website misspelled/miss-typed the wrong URL
Fix: update the spelling
The page is not available because it’s permanently deleted or moved
Fix: remove or redirect
Links to your content have been moved
Fix: update your links
Elements of the page are broken ( HTML, CSS< Javascript, or other plugins)
Fix: remove or update
A page has been renamed
Fix: update
The website structure has changed
Fix: update



  • Consider quality over quantity as much as possible.
  • Start with a blog or valuable content on your website
  • Stay patient, remember: it’s a long-term process
  • Seek attention from news and press outlets.
  • Get local links
  • Build up a great network of quality backlinks
  • Use acknowledged and professional tools when doing link building
  • Look for broken links and fix them
  • Remove spammylinks
  • Outsource your link building to a trusted agency. Analyze your competition
  • Conduct detailed research before you start buying backlinks
  • Use a natural anchor text
  • Check your content with natives if you want to reach other countries


  • Engage in black hat link building
    (like hidden links or hacking a website)
  • Engage in a reciprocal relationship, ie. if you link to my website, ill link to yours.
  • Forget to do a performance check
  • Forget to detox your website before buying backlinks
  • Create an unnatural growth history
  • Stop with link building, when you don’t see fast results
  • Start with link building considering a realistic budget
  • Only link to your homepage
  • Using the same anchor text over and over again
  • Writing a guest blog wi