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Site Migration

As your online business is experiencing significant growth, you may encounter limitations with your current Content Management System (CMS) or realize that your URL structure is not optimized for search engines. This is where an SEO migration often becomes necessary. However, there can be pitfalls in executing a website migration. To prevent any unnecessary loss […]
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WHAT IS A SITEMAP? A sitemap is a page that contains all the internal links of the website. This page is usually sorted by subject, relevance, or alphabetically. A sitemap enhances the usability of a website. In addition, sitemaps are of tremendous relevance to the websites of e-commerce companies, for example. These sites often have […]
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Spam Score

The spam score ranges from 0 to 100, indicating how much your website is seen as unwanted. The higher the score, the worse your website is performing. The spam score is determined by the quality of backlinks you receive and is issued by Moz. A higher score increases the likelihood of your website receiving a […]
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Trust Flow

Now that you are familiar with Trust Flow, of course, you want to know how to get your Trust Flow as high as possible. We now know that Trust Flow primarily looks for backlinks of high quality and are nearest to the so-called seed sites. But how do you get backlinks that meet these requirements? These are some tips for higher Trust Flow:
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